Intuitive Soul Journal (Large)

Example of a Custom Journal… click to view.


Custom Journals are made just for you. They are made intuitively based on your needs in your life at this time.   I intuitively choose the writing for each divider, whether  it is a quote I feel drawn to, or a previous writing I have done, or new writing I feel called to write for you.  I pick the paper intuitively as well, whatever I feel matches you and the journal’s energy.  This journal is my biggest size, a little bigger than a full sheet of paper.  The size varies but is anywhere from 8 X 12 to 10 X 14.

What this journal includes:

  • Front and back custom handmade covers
  • 2 custom handmade dividers
  • 4 sections of paper
  • original art
  • original writings
  • lifetime repairs on the cover and dividers (shipping to me not included, but shipping back to you is)

Price:  $288      To inquire or order Click Here.



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