Month: June 2021

On Feeling, Message for the Soul 6/25/2021

Feeling is OK.  Not being happy all the time is OK.  In fact, it is healthy.  If we don’t feel our feelings, they create energy blocks in our body that disrupt our energy flows in the different energy systems.  This can cause imbalances and then often other conditions can arise.  In fact is is easier to be honest with our selves about how we are feeling now in the moment, because we feel it in the moment and thank it and let it go, and the energy keeps flowing.  Once Energy starts getting blocked and backed up, then it is harder to clean.  It is much like cleaning your house.  If you do a little everyday then it is easier to keep clean. However, if you let it pile up, then it takes way more energy and is harder to clear and organize.  It is OK to not be OK.  Just because we are sad, or mad, or disappointed, or frustrated, does not mean we have failed.  It means we are human, living a human experience, which we are, nothing more, nothing less.

We don’thave to react in these emotions, we can feel them, let the energy run it’s course, thank them and let them go.   Much like a balloon into the sky.  We don’t have to live in them.  If we are honest with how we feel then we can help ourselves.  If we are sad, what makes up happy?  Do that.  If we are mad, what calms us down?  Do that.  If we are frustrated, What is it at?  Can we fix it?  Do that.

Feel your feelings.  Oh and one more thing.. Get off your own back.  Quit making yourself feel guilty for feeling anything other than joy! This does not help the situation.  Guilt, when not warranted, helps nothing. It wastes more energy.  Live in truth. Live in the moment and if feeling a certain way in the moment ask yourself how can I feel this emotion and then return to a state of peace and joy.  Do that.

On Paths, Message for the soul for 6/23/2021

Focus on others. How you treat them.  How you look at them.  How you judge them.  Start changing the way you see people.  It is not up to you to live their life.  They choose their path and must live that path.  You did not choose that path.  YOU chose this path.  This path you are in. So let go of control on someone’s path.  Let go of judgment and belief that it should be different.  Let people feel what they need to feel without judgment.  You can be there for them.  You can be there for them to lean on, but they can not smother you.  You cannot take on their burden or their path.  When you do this you stray from your path.  It is important that you learn what you are here to learn and that they learn what they are here to learn.

Compassion is honesty without judgment.  Live in Compassion.  Live in truth.  Live in Love, all without judgment.  It is none of your business how someone else is living their life.  Accept them for where they are without judgment and without unneeded sympathies.  They will reach out when ready, it is not your job to fix them. The one most important thing we can do is live the life and path we have come here to lead.  If we follow our path and live in truth, then people will grow and learn from this.  We help people by simply letting them be who they are at every given moment and by being our Authentic Self and learning and loving and growing on and in the path we have chosen.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward.  It is OK to stop and smell the flowers and it is OK to stop and help others as called but don’t stray from your paths.

Your path may change as you come to the end of some paths and new paths open up, but they are your paths.  Stay on your paths and let others stay on theirs.  Do all of this with love and light and truth and compassion.

Affirmation cards

Affirmation cards are made for you!! I connect with Spirit and do an automatic write to see what affirmations would benefit you most.  I write them for you, and intuitively pick the art and colors for you unless colors are specified.  Every detail is made specifically for you from the paper colors picked to the paper the affirmations are written, to the art, to the affirmations.  If you have specific affirmations in mind I am always open to those as well.  We can work together to build your perfect set of affirmation cards for this moment in your life.

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Energy Healing Bio

Intuitive Energy Healer
Reiki Master
Intuitive Coach
Spiritual Teacher
Soul Purpose Mapping©  Practitioner using hand analysis


As an empathic intuitive, Monica Schwemin is in touch with the universal energy and the energy of those whose paths she crosses.  Monica has a passion for helping others step into their light by healing false beliefs that are carried in the subconscious.  She believes through knowing your soul purpose,  shadow work, karmic healing, Energy Work, and Action, you are able to step into your authentic self completely.  When you step into who you fully are, then other magical doors begin to open.  She believes self-love to be the first step in this journey of stepping into your soul purpose.  She knows this through her own life experience of healing her own traumas and working through her own lessons and deep-diving into her own healing.  Monica believes this healing journey is never-ending which is why it is a journey,  but the places you can go on this journey are infinite and magical.  She is here to help guide you on your own healing journey!! Contact her to book a session or a free consultation call to see if she is the right fit for you, and how she can help you facilitate healing.

On loving yourself, Message for the Soul for 6/22/2021

As you are today is enough. Every day is different. Every day we need to try to be our best selves, but our best changes day to day.  It is important that you have grace with yourself.  Grace is compassion and forgiveness even if you think it is not deserved.  Grace towards yourself and others promotes healing energy and a love of self.  It is OK to not be where you think you need to be.  Where you are today is exactly where you need to be.  Slow down and listen to the universe, it will show you the lessons you are meant to learn to grow and heal.    We need to work on loving ourselves as we are today, whilst working towards healing those parts of ourselves that we don’t like or that need love and healing.  Words and thoughts carry vibrations and energy, and if you are not being kind to yourself or others, if your words are not coming from a place of love and light, then those words are not going to promote healing in yourself or in others.

Remember that kindness towards self has to happen first.  Listen to words you say to yourself.  If you would not say them to others, then for the love of Spirit, QUIT saying them to yourself.   It is OK to not be perfect and where you think you should be.  Perfection does not exist except in this moment as you are now, imperfections and all.  If you do not fully love who you are in these moments, imperfections, shadows, and all, then it is hard to grow and fully heal.  If you beat yourself up every moment of the day for being who you are in this moment, then the energy you are giving yourself is actually blocking the healing and change that you want to happen.  We need to show love to ourselves.  The words we say to ourselves need to come from a place of love and light always so that they may carry the highest vibrates so that we can move freely on our journey to healing ourselves and stepping into our light and shining at 100%.