On Paths, Message for the soul for 6/23/2021

Focus on others. How you treat them.  How you look at them.  How you judge them.  Start changing the way you see people.  It is not up to you to live their life.  They choose their path and must live that path.  You did not choose that path.  YOU chose this path.  This path you are in. So let go of control on someone’s path.  Let go of judgment and belief that it should be different.  Let people feel what they need to feel without judgment.  You can be there for them.  You can be there for them to lean on, but they can not smother you.  You cannot take on their burden or their path.  When you do this you stray from your path.  It is important that you learn what you are here to learn and that they learn what they are here to learn.

Compassion is honesty without judgment.  Live in Compassion.  Live in truth.  Live in Love, all without judgment.  It is none of your business how someone else is living their life.  Accept them for where they are without judgment and without unneeded sympathies.  They will reach out when ready, it is not your job to fix them. The one most important thing we can do is live the life and path we have come here to lead.  If we follow our path and live in truth, then people will grow and learn from this.  We help people by simply letting them be who they are at every given moment and by being our Authentic Self and learning and loving and growing on and in the path we have chosen.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward.  It is OK to stop and smell the flowers and it is OK to stop and help others as called but don’t stray from your paths.

Your path may change as you come to the end of some paths and new paths open up, but they are your paths.  Stay on your paths and let others stay on theirs.  Do all of this with love and light and truth and compassion.

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