On Feeling, Message for the Soul 6/25/2021

Feeling is OK.  Not being happy all the time is OK.  In fact, it is healthy.  If we don’t feel our feelings, they create energy blocks in our body that disrupt our energy flows in the different energy systems.  This can cause imbalances and then often other conditions can arise.  In fact is is easier to be honest with our selves about how we are feeling now in the moment, because we feel it in the moment and thank it and let it go, and the energy keeps flowing.  Once Energy starts getting blocked and backed up, then it is harder to clean.  It is much like cleaning your house.  If you do a little everyday then it is easier to keep clean. However, if you let it pile up, then it takes way more energy and is harder to clear and organize.  It is OK to not be OK.  Just because we are sad, or mad, or disappointed, or frustrated, does not mean we have failed.  It means we are human, living a human experience, which we are, nothing more, nothing less.

We don’thave to react in these emotions, we can feel them, let the energy run it’s course, thank them and let them go.   Much like a balloon into the sky.  We don’t have to live in them.  If we are honest with how we feel then we can help ourselves.  If we are sad, what makes up happy?  Do that.  If we are mad, what calms us down?  Do that.  If we are frustrated, What is it at?  Can we fix it?  Do that.

Feel your feelings.  Oh and one more thing.. Get off your own back.  Quit making yourself feel guilty for feeling anything other than joy! This does not help the situation.  Guilt, when not warranted, helps nothing. It wastes more energy.  Live in truth. Live in the moment and if feeling a certain way in the moment ask yourself how can I feel this emotion and then return to a state of peace and joy.  Do that.

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