On Self Care…Message for The Soul 7/12/2021

Healing is not a one-day thing.  You don’t decide to heal and then like “Bewitched” wiggle your nose and be done.  Healing is stepping into the unknown.  It is looking in the mirror and saying” I see you”, ” I love you”, “I love all of you” or if you are just starting your journey you can also say ” I am working towards loving you”, “I am working towards loving all of you.”

To truly step into our soul purpose we have to start with ourselves.  We have to heal ourselves and love ourselves so that we may hold space for others to do the same.  Do the work!! It is messy and it takes time.  But this is the ultimate self-care.  Self-care is not only taking time for yourself, to pamper yourself, or work out, or do things that bring you joy, but it is also taking time to connect with yourself on the deepest level.  Taking time to heal yourself.  Taking time to listen to that inner voice that is there to guide you into your soul purpose.  It is there to guide you into living your best life.  All the things we do for self-care are actually things that are a part of your journey to self-healing.  Healing of the mental, physical and spiritual bodies.  When you get a massage you… are working on healing.  When you work out… you are working on healing.  When you get a pedicure… you are working on healing.  Now that you are aware of this, you can start diving deeply into yourself and the healing of yourself.  Ask yourself or me, why is this part of healing?  What am I healing?

Loving ourselves truly, shadows and all is the ultimate tool to changing the world.  When you step into yourself fully, anxiety becomes manageable.  Fears become manageable.  See when you become fully yourself and live fully in love with yourself, then what others think of your journey becomes less important, and this is a root cause of fear and anxiety.  Healing is messy and hard, but it is also believable and amazing.  The work is worth it, you are worth it!

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