Worrying is a waste of time

Worrying takes away the moment.

Some days are just hard.

It is hard to put out all the fires.

As a parent, we are in charge of helping our children through each day.

Some days they need us more

and we just don’t have it…

We are worrying about:

Money, bills, school, food, cleaning, covid, sickness, if we are a good parent, our house, or job, etc…

We worry about trying to keep everyone safe.

And when our kids need us, it seems like we just don’t have it.

Sometimes we snap at our child

get upset that they don’t get it…

But in truth, do we really want them to get it?

What does worrying really do?

Well in short,

It wastes time.

Time you could be enjoying that moment with your child,

or yourself.

Time you could be doing exactly what you want to be doing.

Time to walk or Run,

Time to laugh and time to cry,

Time to kiss and time to hug,

Time for Joy and time for sadness.

Really it takes away each moment.

In truth, it takes away our ability to live,

to experience each moment.

Every moment can not be joyous and happy, but we need it all!

We are here to be human and to live a human experience.

Worry takes away just that.


and we are meant to feel all the things.

The ability to feel emotions is a powerful, wonderful thing.

And worrying takes this away.

Worrying stems from control…

Worrying stems from wanting to make the right decision…

Worrying stems from not wanting to fail…

Worrying stems from not wanting to be wrong…

Or look stupid…

Or mess up…

But the truth is we need to let go of control.

Hence letting go of worry.

We can control our actions in each moment…

That is it… Our actions in each moment.

We can’t control others,

We can’t control outcomes.

We can’t control many things.

And this is scary!!

Maybe worry stems from fear as well…

Maybe fear is the bottom layer.

Some days are hard…

Some days are full of worry.

But every moment is a chance to work on it and move into peace.

“I choose to let go of that which I can’t control,

and I choose to trust in myself and

my ability to make the right decision when the time comes,

and then I choose to move on in the moment. ”

Repeat this when needed and keep healing and growing.



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