Shining as you are

On Shining as you are right now, Message for the Soul 9.4.21

Shine Bright, my friends, no matter where you are!

The world needs you.

The world needs you as you are now.

It needs you Sad or Angry or disappointed or happy or joyous.

It needs you now!!

Bravely step into the light, now.

Bravely come as you are, now.

Share your human experience….

Share yourself as you are now.

The world needs to see you,

as you are feeling pain, as you feel sadness and as you are in all the emotions

and life experiences.

Not just when you are in JOY.

Shine Bright all the time!!

Not just when you feel JOY.

Share why you are sad…

Share that you struggle.

Share your vulnerabilities…

Share who you are with the world right now… Not just when you are in joy.

You will inspire someone

or help someone feel comfortable, FEELING.

We need to become comfortable FEELING.

Or become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Help others to step out bravely into their light, as they are now.

No matter how they are feeling,

No matter where they are in their journey.

Because it is a journey… NOT a destination.

Help them to share.

The world needs to see

that imperfections are what is actually PERFECT.

Be who you are in every moment.

Shine your light in all parts of your journey,

Not just the comfortable.

Share your journey….

Let’s change the world together.

Be being who we are right now n this moment.

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