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Worrying is a waste of time

Worrying takes away the moment.

Some days are just hard.

It is hard to put out all the fires.

As a parent, we are in charge of helping our children through each day.

Some days they need us more

and we just don’t have it…

We are worrying about:

Money, bills, school, food, cleaning, covid, sickness, if we are a good parent, our house, or job, etc…

We worry about trying to keep everyone safe.

And when our kids need us, it seems like we just don’t have it.

Sometimes we snap at our child

get upset that they don’t get it…

But in truth, do we really want them to get it?

What does worrying really do?

Well in short,

It wastes time.

Time you could be enjoying that moment with your child,

or yourself.

Time you could be doing exactly what you want to be doing.

Time to walk or Run,

Time to laugh and time to cry,

Time to kiss and time to hug,

Time for Joy and time for sadness.

Really it takes away each moment.

In truth, it takes away our ability to live,

to experience each moment.

Every moment can not be joyous and happy, but we need it all!

We are here to be human and to live a human experience.

Worry takes away just that.


and we are meant to feel all the things.

The ability to feel emotions is a powerful, wonderful thing.

And worrying takes this away.

Worrying stems from control…

Worrying stems from wanting to make the right decision…

Worrying stems from not wanting to fail…

Worrying stems from not wanting to be wrong…

Or look stupid…

Or mess up…

But the truth is we need to let go of control.

Hence letting go of worry.

We can control our actions in each moment…

That is it… Our actions in each moment.

We can’t control others,

We can’t control outcomes.

We can’t control many things.

And this is scary!!

Maybe worry stems from fear as well…

Maybe fear is the bottom layer.

Some days are hard…

Some days are full of worry.

But every moment is a chance to work on it and move into peace.

“I choose to let go of that which I can’t control,

and I choose to trust in myself and

my ability to make the right decision when the time comes,

and then I choose to move on in the moment. ”

Repeat this when needed and keep healing and growing.




Embrace Imperfections

for perfect they are.

Everyone searches for


But Why?


Perfection is boring.

Perfection is glossed over.

Perfection is subjective.


May not exist.


It’s the imperfections that

make it exciting.

Imperfections make it stand out.

Those imperfections are

what the world needs to see.

They shine and glow

with light.

A light, that only those

that make them have.


Some search for Perfection,

But, NOT I…

I open myself to


I show them to the world!


Embrace Imperfections

for perfect they are.



Share your Art

A person’s art is unique to them.

It changes with their life.

Each day it can look different than the next.


There is always a part of their soul

that shines through it.

Showing the world…

how they see it.

The more they share it

the truer to self they become.

Their Art lets a light,

only they have,

shine in this world.

With their Art,

their light,

they help others find theirs.

They help them find who they are.

By sharing their souls

with the world…

They help others to shine their light

and share their soul with the world.

What is your Art?

Are you sharing it?

If your not,

quit holding back in fear.

Let go!

Share your soul so that others may have the courage to do the same.



Dec 2020


The Other Side

This poem just came out of me the other day… it is written for all, to hopefully give some hope in a time of heavy crazy energy!! I love you all and in the words of someone amazing… We Got This!!
The Other Side
The world is vibrating.
Well, I guess the world is always vibrating.
However, Today the Vibration is heavy,
Today feels like we are trying to swim to the other side,
The other side of this pandemic,
The other side of the unknown.
But the water is getting thicker;
We are starting to move slower;
Dodging this and that and that and this…
The fog is rolling in and the other side is disappearing.
It is hard to see the light, hard to keep going…
Heavy, Thick, Unknown, Vibrating, suffocating…. Energy…
I CAN’T give up; I need to trust.
I need to trust and KNOW that the other side is there.
The other side is always there!
I have seen it; I just need trust in it…
I will keep swimming, tread water and take a break if needed.
I will let go of the fear or the unknown…
I will trust in the light, at the other side of the tunnel.
It IS there, even if it is unseen at this time.
I am here, vibrating with the world… Breathing…
Wait… I can breathe, that is easy, I will just breathe.
Keeping breathing…In..Out…In..Out…
I am getting lighter.
The energy is getting lighter.
Keep breathing,
Keep trusting,
Keep moving through the water.
The other side is there
I AM moving across the water!
AND breathing
Each moment passes and a new moment is here!
I GET to be here,
Learning to trust in myself and the energy around me.
In this moment, I trust, I believe, I know that if I keep swimming, if I keep breathing…
I will make it.
The fog is lifting.
I can see it.
The Other Side.


Yesterday morning on the way to work,
the world looked as if it were weeping.
It is November and the sky is sobbing.
The world is grieving for what was,
for what is
for what isn’t.
People are suffering,
they are scared,
sad and angry.
People are struggling financially;
with physical and mental health.
This morning I am weeping
for the people who need to weep but can’t.
The thing about crying
is that it cleanses the soul.
Rain and water help to wash things away,
It helps them to feel new again.
The world needs to weep;
WE need to weep.
It is the first step to acceptance of the moment.
This moment is exactly what it is,
And the next exactly just that.
We can’t take away the suffering,
nor the sadness.
We CAN however,
show the world KINDNESS and LOVE.
We need to UNDERSTAND each other
more than ever.
Understanding heals.
Understanding shows,
you took the time to think and process.
You put yourself in their shoes.
You put love into your thoughts,
Even if you don’t agree with them.
Agreement does not equal understanding.
Today the sun is shining,
the world looks fresh and new.
It felt what was needed.
It moved on.
The world does not dwell in guilt.
It weeps and then shines.
We need to learn from this.
And take this sun shiny day
to start to heal.
We need to heal
from the grief
of what is,
what isn’t.
We need to let ourselves feel.
We can heal by showing others
love and
We can heal by showing OURSELVES
love and
Today the sun is shining
and the world looks fresh and new.
Today I show myself and those around me
Today I shine with light like the sun.
Today I start to heal.


The important thing about motherhood is that you have to be confident in what you do.

it’s like walking steadily in a dark cave,

not knowing where you are going, and never stopping to question why.

It isn’t mapped out for you in a How-To-Manual.

It’s scary and marvelous, all smashed together.

It’s true, that you do not always love it, and that there are times you wonder if you are doing it right.

It has its challenging times, and its smooth times,

and it is a wonderful, fulfilling job that should never be thought of lightly.

Sometimes you know what you are doing, and sometimes, well, you do not.

But the important thing about motherhood is you have to be confident in what you do.

Dialectic Colors

On Being Free

The more things change, the more I become comfortable with who I really am.  I frequently look back at the person I was 14 years ago when I relocated to Montana.  I was a 24-year-old, who was a free spirit, that went against all norms.  The more I reminisce about life, the more I realize my misconceptions about the meaning of free-spirit.  I was trying to ‘become’ free at this point in my life, by going against the grain and trying to be as untraditional as possible.  One day I had the thought, “isn’t going against the grain actually confining?”  I am trying to become free by staying in the confines of my own made-up definition of a free-spirit.  How free am I?

I have gotten a little smarter with every year of my life, and a few realizations have enlightened me to some new ideas.  I have been trying to ‘become’ a free spirit instead of just ‘being’ one.  If I learn to just be who I am, instead of trying to become who I am, then I am free.  Isn’t this, in fact, being a free-spirit? Isn’t being a free-spirit accepting who you are and flowing with it?  Sometimes you may move with the grain, and sometimes you may move against it.  Sometimes, there may be no grain at all.  Your’s just being, and not becoming.  Being, not becoming, is the whole essence of being free.

There is no one way to go in life.  I have never found a One Way sign, followed it, and never had to turn onto a different road or path.  Life itself is full of the Dialectic.  The Dialectic is the opposite pulls in life.  Can you know what joy is if you have never suffered?  Life has this Dialectic, as a matter of fact, it is Dialectic. Now that I am a little smarter, more enlightened and I know how to be, not become; I know I am traditional and untraditional.  I am social, and yet I am socially awkward.  I enjoy myself and the company of others.  I have suffered and I have found joy.  Without one, however, I would not be, nor enjoy, the other.

Life is a journey, and it is always changing.  At this point, my life is changing for the better.  With change comes self-knowledge, and with self-knowledge comes self-acceptance.  This self-acceptance leads to confidence, and this confidence leads to comfortableness.  Eventually, this comfortableness leads to me, and at the heart of me, is my free-spirit of just being.