Worrying is a waste of time

Worrying takes away the moment.

August 28, 2021

Some days are just hard. It is hard to put out all the fires. As a parent, we are in charge of helping our children through each day. Some days they need us more and we just don’t have it… We are worrying about: Money, bills, school, food, cleaning, covid,… Read more


December 29, 2020

Embrace Imperfections for perfect they are. Everyone searches for Perfection. But Why?   Perfection is boring. Perfection is glossed over. Perfection is subjective. Perfection… May not exist.   It’s the imperfections that make it exciting. Imperfections make it stand out. Those imperfections are what the world needs to see. They… Read more

Share your Art

December 29, 2020

A person’s art is unique to them. It changes with their life. Each day it can look different than the next. However, There is always a part of their soul that shines through it. Showing the world… how they see it. The more they share it the truer to self… Read more

The Other Side

December 29, 2020

This poem just came out of me the other day… it is written for all, to hopefully give some hope in a time of heavy crazy energy!! I love you all and in the words of someone amazing… We Got This!! The Other Side The world is vibrating. Well, I… Read more


December 29, 2020

Yesterday morning on the way to work, the world looked as if it were weeping. It is November and the sky is sobbing. The world is grieving for what was, for what is and for what isn’t. People are suffering, they are scared, worried, sad and angry. People are struggling… Read more