Yesterday morning on the way to work,
the world looked as if it were weeping.
It is November and the sky is sobbing.
The world is grieving for what was,
for what is
for what isn’t.
People are suffering,
they are scared,
sad and angry.
People are struggling financially;
with physical and mental health.
This morning I am weeping
for the people who need to weep but can’t.
The thing about crying
is that it cleanses the soul.
Rain and water help to wash things away,
It helps them to feel new again.
The world needs to weep;
WE need to weep.
It is the first step to acceptance of the moment.
This moment is exactly what it is,
And the next exactly just that.
We can’t take away the suffering,
nor the sadness.
We CAN however,
show the world KINDNESS and LOVE.
We need to UNDERSTAND each other
more than ever.
Understanding heals.
Understanding shows,
you took the time to think and process.
You put yourself in their shoes.
You put love into your thoughts,
Even if you don’t agree with them.
Agreement does not equal understanding.
Today the sun is shining,
the world looks fresh and new.
It felt what was needed.
It moved on.
The world does not dwell in guilt.
It weeps and then shines.
We need to learn from this.
And take this sun shiny day
to start to heal.
We need to heal
from the grief
of what is,
what isn’t.
We need to let ourselves feel.
We can heal by showing others
love and
We can heal by showing OURSELVES
love and
Today the sun is shining
and the world looks fresh and new.
Today I show myself and those around me
Today I shine with light like the sun.
Today I start to heal.

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