The Other Side

This poem just came out of me the other day… it is written for all, to hopefully give some hope in a time of heavy crazy energy!! I love you all and in the words of someone amazing… We Got This!!
The Other Side
The world is vibrating.
Well, I guess the world is always vibrating.
However, Today the Vibration is heavy,
Today feels like we are trying to swim to the other side,
The other side of this pandemic,
The other side of the unknown.
But the water is getting thicker;
We are starting to move slower;
Dodging this and that and that and this…
The fog is rolling in and the other side is disappearing.
It is hard to see the light, hard to keep going…
Heavy, Thick, Unknown, Vibrating, suffocating…. Energy…
I CAN’T give up; I need to trust.
I need to trust and KNOW that the other side is there.
The other side is always there!
I have seen it; I just need trust in it…
I will keep swimming, tread water and take a break if needed.
I will let go of the fear or the unknown…
I will trust in the light, at the other side of the tunnel.
It IS there, even if it is unseen at this time.
I am here, vibrating with the world… Breathing…
Wait… I can breathe, that is easy, I will just breathe.
Keeping breathing…In..Out…In..Out…
I am getting lighter.
The energy is getting lighter.
Keep breathing,
Keep trusting,
Keep moving through the water.
The other side is there
I AM moving across the water!
AND breathing
Each moment passes and a new moment is here!
I GET to be here,
Learning to trust in myself and the energy around me.
In this moment, I trust, I believe, I know that if I keep swimming, if I keep breathing…
I will make it.
The fog is lifting.
I can see it.
The Other Side.

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