On loving yourself, Message for the Soul for 6/22/2021

As you are today is enough. Every day is different. Every day we need to try to be our best selves, but our best changes day to day.  It is important that you have grace with yourself.  Grace is compassion and forgiveness even if you think it is not deserved.  Grace towards yourself and others promotes healing energy and a love of self.  It is OK to not be where you think you need to be.  Where you are today is exactly where you need to be.  Slow down and listen to the universe, it will show you the lessons you are meant to learn to grow and heal.    We need to work on loving ourselves as we are today, whilst working towards healing those parts of ourselves that we don’t like or that need love and healing.  Words and thoughts carry vibrations and energy, and if you are not being kind to yourself or others, if your words are not coming from a place of love and light, then those words are not going to promote healing in yourself or in others.

Remember that kindness towards self has to happen first.  Listen to words you say to yourself.  If you would not say them to others, then for the love of Spirit, QUIT saying them to yourself.   It is OK to not be perfect and where you think you should be.  Perfection does not exist except in this moment as you are now, imperfections and all.  If you do not fully love who you are in these moments, imperfections, shadows, and all, then it is hard to grow and fully heal.  If you beat yourself up every moment of the day for being who you are in this moment, then the energy you are giving yourself is actually blocking the healing and change that you want to happen.  We need to show love to ourselves.  The words we say to ourselves need to come from a place of love and light always so that they may carry the highest vibrates so that we can move freely on our journey to healing ourselves and stepping into our light and shining at 100%.

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