On being Uncomfortable, Message for the Soul 7.21.21

Unpacking all parts of ourselves, our subconscious, and our conscious takes grace and love.  You could be unpacking centuries and centers of shadows.  Bringing our shadows to the light takes being uncomfortable.  Our Ego doesn’t like to be uncomfortable.  Our human mind does not like to be uncomfortable. Our human body does not like to be uncomfortable.  Working on being uncomfortable is a start in a healing journey.  Put yourself in uncomfortable situations, not dangerous ones, uncomfortable ones.  If you stay in this zone where you are comfortable all the time, then it won’t stretch, it may even start to shrink.  Go to the concert alone, or to that social situation that scares you to be without someone to talk to.  Sleep without all the comforts you think you need to get a good night’s sleep.  Go camping and sleep on the ground.  You might experience fear or panic, or you may not sleep for one night, but you do it to push through the walls and learn that being uncomfortable is OK.

It is also important to note that there is a difference between being uncomfortable because you are pushing through fear and being uncomfortable because you feel you are in danger.  Listen to that gut feeling and don’t put yourself in danger to be uncomfortable, it is not needed.    I mean pushing through what our brain thinks we need to be comfortable in life.

The more you live in the uncomfortable the more you grow, and honestly the more you live in the uncomfortable the more shadows that come out to play.  The more shadows that start to come out into the light to be seen, to be healed, to be loved.  Your shadows deserve love and grace and respect.  Your shadows have helped shape you to be who you are today.   They deserve attention, grace, and love.  They deserve to step out into the light and stand next to you.  Because when light and dark can walk next to each other and bring out the most beautiful parts of each other, then this is when you have truly stepped into yourself.  When the shadows no longer have control over you, when they are accepted and loved and shown this is true freedom to continue in this world as completely yourself and completely ready to step into your soul purpose and be a part of the change you want to be.

Start with yourself. What shadows are you hiding? What shadows can you show me or yourself?  What shadows can you love and accept?  We are all connected somehow and in some way.  It is only fair that we see all of what we are connected to.  This is living in complete truth.  It is in truth that love and light are pure.  It is in truth that we can fully accept and fully love and fully change the consciousness of the world.  So I invite your dark to step and stand side by side with your light.  Just like dusk is so beautiful and night with moonlight is still and serene.  So is your light walking with your dark.  This is the most beautiful of all, it is when we see all of your beauty!! It is vulnerable and it is strong.  It is all the dialectics of life in one, the opposite pulls that are needed for the other to exist.  It is the whole package.

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