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Intuitive Energy Healer
Reiki Master
Intuitive Coach
Spiritual Teacher
Soul Purpose Mapping©  Practitioner using hand analysis


As an empathic intuitive, Monica Schwemin is in touch with the universal energy and the energy of those whose paths she crosses.  Monica has a passion for helping others step into their light by healing false beliefs that are carried in the subconscious.  She believes through knowing your soul purpose,  shadow work, karmic healing, Energy Work, and Action, you are able to step into your authentic self completely.  When you step into who you fully are, then other magical doors begin to open.  She believes self-love to be the first step in this journey of stepping into your soul purpose.  She knows this through her own life experience of healing her own traumas and working through her own lessons and deep-diving into her own healing.  Monica believes this healing journey is never-ending which is why it is a journey,  but the places you can go on this journey are infinite and magical.  She is here to help guide you on your own healing journey!! Contact her to book a session or a free consultation call to see if she is the right fit for you, and how she can help you facilitate healing.

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Hello!! Whoever you are…

For most of my life, I have wanted to share my writing, art, and thoughts with the world. When I was a struggling 15-year-old, the first time I discovered my ability and love of writing was sitting on my bed after a night with friends. I was feeling lost as most fifteen-year-olds do, and I decided for some reason to pick up a pen and start writing poetry. I wrote two poems that night in red pen on lined paper. I wish I had these poems today, but sadly they are lost in the paper trail of my life. A few days later, i picked up these poems and looked at them for the first time. I was taken back by how real, raw, and good they were. They really spoke to me and described the feelings I was feeling on the inside. If I am to be honest, which is what this website is all about, I didn’t remember writing the words that were on those pages. They came from a place outside of myself. I have often and still often write things down and then wonder where those words come from… but… This is writing for another time.

I am excited to have a space to talk about all things life. It will be real and raw and sometimes spiritual, sometimes artistic, sometimes random but always honest and truthful. I often have these epiphanies and then forget them an hour later if I don’t write them down. Sometimes I write them down, but do nothing with them. Finally, at the age of 38, they are going to get written down. I have a space to share what I know, what I think, what I feel, and my general ramblings. You have a choice to read them.

My name is Monica. I have taught kids for many many years, and when I was teaching younger kids, they would often call me Momica. So years later Momicaintheraw was born. I thrive on honesty and rawness. I love to see people as their raw selves and try to bring more of my raw self forward. There is a beauty in the raw unpolishedness of things, people, places, thoughts, etc. And so finally was born. Enjoy!! Or don’t.  Just work towards being who you are meant to be and offering the gifts you are meant to offer to the world.