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Shining as you are

On Shining as you are right now, Message for the Soul 9.4.21

Shine Bright, my friends, no matter where you are!

The world needs you.

The world needs you as you are now.

It needs you Sad or Angry or disappointed or happy or joyous.

It needs you now!!

Bravely step into the light, now.

Bravely come as you are, now.

Share your human experience….

Share yourself as you are now.

The world needs to see you,

as you are feeling pain, as you feel sadness and as you are in all the emotions

and life experiences.

Not just when you are in JOY.

Shine Bright all the time!!

Not just when you feel JOY.

Share why you are sad…

Share that you struggle.

Share your vulnerabilities…

Share who you are with the world right now… Not just when you are in joy.

You will inspire someone

or help someone feel comfortable, FEELING.

We need to become comfortable FEELING.

Or become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Help others to step out bravely into their light, as they are now.

No matter how they are feeling,

No matter where they are in their journey.

Because it is a journey… NOT a destination.

Help them to share.

The world needs to see

that imperfections are what is actually PERFECT.

Be who you are in every moment.

Shine your light in all parts of your journey,

Not just the comfortable.

Share your journey….

Let’s change the world together.

Be being who we are right now n this moment.

On being Uncomfortable, Message for the Soul 7.21.21

Unpacking all parts of ourselves, our subconscious, and our conscious takes grace and love.  You could be unpacking centuries and centers of shadows.  Bringing our shadows to the light takes being uncomfortable.  Our Ego doesn’t like to be uncomfortable.  Our human mind does not like to be uncomfortable. Our human body does not like to be uncomfortable.  Working on being uncomfortable is a start in a healing journey.  Put yourself in uncomfortable situations, not dangerous ones, uncomfortable ones.  If you stay in this zone where you are comfortable all the time, then it won’t stretch, it may even start to shrink.  Go to the concert alone, or to that social situation that scares you to be without someone to talk to.  Sleep without all the comforts you think you need to get a good night’s sleep.  Go camping and sleep on the ground.  You might experience fear or panic, or you may not sleep for one night, but you do it to push through the walls and learn that being uncomfortable is OK.

It is also important to note that there is a difference between being uncomfortable because you are pushing through fear and being uncomfortable because you feel you are in danger.  Listen to that gut feeling and don’t put yourself in danger to be uncomfortable, it is not needed.    I mean pushing through what our brain thinks we need to be comfortable in life.

The more you live in the uncomfortable the more you grow, and honestly the more you live in the uncomfortable the more shadows that come out to play.  The more shadows that start to come out into the light to be seen, to be healed, to be loved.  Your shadows deserve love and grace and respect.  Your shadows have helped shape you to be who you are today.   They deserve attention, grace, and love.  They deserve to step out into the light and stand next to you.  Because when light and dark can walk next to each other and bring out the most beautiful parts of each other, then this is when you have truly stepped into yourself.  When the shadows no longer have control over you, when they are accepted and loved and shown this is true freedom to continue in this world as completely yourself and completely ready to step into your soul purpose and be a part of the change you want to be.

Start with yourself. What shadows are you hiding? What shadows can you show me or yourself?  What shadows can you love and accept?  We are all connected somehow and in some way.  It is only fair that we see all of what we are connected to.  This is living in complete truth.  It is in truth that love and light are pure.  It is in truth that we can fully accept and fully love and fully change the consciousness of the world.  So I invite your dark to step and stand side by side with your light.  Just like dusk is so beautiful and night with moonlight is still and serene.  So is your light walking with your dark.  This is the most beautiful of all, it is when we see all of your beauty!! It is vulnerable and it is strong.  It is all the dialectics of life in one, the opposite pulls that are needed for the other to exist.  It is the whole package.

On What Others Think, Message for the Soul 7.17.2021

What we fear others will think about us is just a reflection of what we think of ourselves.  When we love ourselves fully and completely, shadows, darkness, and light, then what others think of us ceases to become an issue. Honestly, we don’t even really notice until they tell us, and then we become able to say, “OK, Thank you for your opinion.”  We become better able to recognize when the thought, “What will people think of me?”  slips into our heads.  And we will be able to say to ourselves, “The real question is, What will I think of me?”  “How will I feel about myself?”

When we have compassion and love and forgiveness and grace towards ourselves, then ‘What others think of us’ becomes less powerful.

When we learn to love all the parts of ourselves, darkness and light, then ‘What others think of us becomes less powerful.

When we learn to change the dialogue in our head and allow ourselves to be imperfect, then ‘What others think of us’ becomes less powerful.

When we learn to show all parts of us to the world; When we learn to stop hiding those parts we want to change; When we learn to walk into our Authentic selves and shine out light and dark 100%; then ‘What others think of us’ becomes less powerful.

One of fear’s inner dialogues is “What will other people think?”  If we continue to hear and work on loving all of us and continue to work on shining at 100 percent, then this will help you to push past that fear of what others will think and continue to step into your soul’s purpose.

On Fear… Message for the soul for 7.13.2021

Fear is a four-letter word.  It is so small yet the impact it has on our life is so big.  I mean shouldn’t it be like a 100 letter word?  It shuts down dreams and boards up doors.  It lets vegetation grow over paths that were meant to be traveled.  It has power… Or does it?  Or is it us that gives it power? I mean has fear actually physically made you stop going after your dreams?  Has it put its hands on you and held you back physically?  Does fear have hands? Or have we just given it so much power that this four-letter word seems to be the tallest biggest entity we have ever seen?

What would happen if we stared this word in the face and said, ” Look here fear, you are only four letters and you can’t physically touch me, so I will not let you have the power that I have given you in the past!  I will take back my power and keep putting one foot in front of the other to walk on past you.  I will slowly and steadily move with intention and keep living in action.  I will slowly take back the power I have given you and use it to keep walking in the scary times.   I will use my power to stare you in the face.  It doesn’t mean I won’t be scared, but you won’t physically stop me anymore.  I will walk through your invisible presence and I WILL do what I need to do and I will do it scared if I have to!”

What if we could do this?

Wait… You know what?  I know we can do this!!


On Self Care…Message for The Soul 7/12/2021

Healing is not a one-day thing.  You don’t decide to heal and then like “Bewitched” wiggle your nose and be done.  Healing is stepping into the unknown.  It is looking in the mirror and saying” I see you”, ” I love you”, “I love all of you” or if you are just starting your journey you can also say ” I am working towards loving you”, “I am working towards loving all of you.”

To truly step into our soul purpose we have to start with ourselves.  We have to heal ourselves and love ourselves so that we may hold space for others to do the same.  Do the work!! It is messy and it takes time.  But this is the ultimate self-care.  Self-care is not only taking time for yourself, to pamper yourself, or work out, or do things that bring you joy, but it is also taking time to connect with yourself on the deepest level.  Taking time to heal yourself.  Taking time to listen to that inner voice that is there to guide you into your soul purpose.  It is there to guide you into living your best life.  All the things we do for self-care are actually things that are a part of your journey to self-healing.  Healing of the mental, physical and spiritual bodies.  When you get a massage you… are working on healing.  When you work out… you are working on healing.  When you get a pedicure… you are working on healing.  Now that you are aware of this, you can start diving deeply into yourself and the healing of yourself.  Ask yourself or me, why is this part of healing?  What am I healing?

Loving ourselves truly, shadows and all is the ultimate tool to changing the world.  When you step into yourself fully, anxiety becomes manageable.  Fears become manageable.  See when you become fully yourself and live fully in love with yourself, then what others think of your journey becomes less important, and this is a root cause of fear and anxiety.  Healing is messy and hard, but it is also believable and amazing.  The work is worth it, you are worth it!

On Feeling, Message for the Soul 6/25/2021

Feeling is OK.  Not being happy all the time is OK.  In fact, it is healthy.  If we don’t feel our feelings, they create energy blocks in our body that disrupt our energy flows in the different energy systems.  This can cause imbalances and then often other conditions can arise.  In fact is is easier to be honest with our selves about how we are feeling now in the moment, because we feel it in the moment and thank it and let it go, and the energy keeps flowing.  Once Energy starts getting blocked and backed up, then it is harder to clean.  It is much like cleaning your house.  If you do a little everyday then it is easier to keep clean. However, if you let it pile up, then it takes way more energy and is harder to clear and organize.  It is OK to not be OK.  Just because we are sad, or mad, or disappointed, or frustrated, does not mean we have failed.  It means we are human, living a human experience, which we are, nothing more, nothing less.

We don’thave to react in these emotions, we can feel them, let the energy run it’s course, thank them and let them go.   Much like a balloon into the sky.  We don’t have to live in them.  If we are honest with how we feel then we can help ourselves.  If we are sad, what makes up happy?  Do that.  If we are mad, what calms us down?  Do that.  If we are frustrated, What is it at?  Can we fix it?  Do that.

Feel your feelings.  Oh and one more thing.. Get off your own back.  Quit making yourself feel guilty for feeling anything other than joy! This does not help the situation.  Guilt, when not warranted, helps nothing. It wastes more energy.  Live in truth. Live in the moment and if feeling a certain way in the moment ask yourself how can I feel this emotion and then return to a state of peace and joy.  Do that.

On Paths, Message for the soul for 6/23/2021

Focus on others. How you treat them.  How you look at them.  How you judge them.  Start changing the way you see people.  It is not up to you to live their life.  They choose their path and must live that path.  You did not choose that path.  YOU chose this path.  This path you are in. So let go of control on someone’s path.  Let go of judgment and belief that it should be different.  Let people feel what they need to feel without judgment.  You can be there for them.  You can be there for them to lean on, but they can not smother you.  You cannot take on their burden or their path.  When you do this you stray from your path.  It is important that you learn what you are here to learn and that they learn what they are here to learn.

Compassion is honesty without judgment.  Live in Compassion.  Live in truth.  Live in Love, all without judgment.  It is none of your business how someone else is living their life.  Accept them for where they are without judgment and without unneeded sympathies.  They will reach out when ready, it is not your job to fix them. The one most important thing we can do is live the life and path we have come here to lead.  If we follow our path and live in truth, then people will grow and learn from this.  We help people by simply letting them be who they are at every given moment and by being our Authentic Self and learning and loving and growing on and in the path we have chosen.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward.  It is OK to stop and smell the flowers and it is OK to stop and help others as called but don’t stray from your paths.

Your path may change as you come to the end of some paths and new paths open up, but they are your paths.  Stay on your paths and let others stay on theirs.  Do all of this with love and light and truth and compassion.

On loving yourself, Message for the Soul for 6/22/2021

As you are today is enough. Every day is different. Every day we need to try to be our best selves, but our best changes day to day.  It is important that you have grace with yourself.  Grace is compassion and forgiveness even if you think it is not deserved.  Grace towards yourself and others promotes healing energy and a love of self.  It is OK to not be where you think you need to be.  Where you are today is exactly where you need to be.  Slow down and listen to the universe, it will show you the lessons you are meant to learn to grow and heal.    We need to work on loving ourselves as we are today, whilst working towards healing those parts of ourselves that we don’t like or that need love and healing.  Words and thoughts carry vibrations and energy, and if you are not being kind to yourself or others, if your words are not coming from a place of love and light, then those words are not going to promote healing in yourself or in others.

Remember that kindness towards self has to happen first.  Listen to words you say to yourself.  If you would not say them to others, then for the love of Spirit, QUIT saying them to yourself.   It is OK to not be perfect and where you think you should be.  Perfection does not exist except in this moment as you are now, imperfections and all.  If you do not fully love who you are in these moments, imperfections, shadows, and all, then it is hard to grow and fully heal.  If you beat yourself up every moment of the day for being who you are in this moment, then the energy you are giving yourself is actually blocking the healing and change that you want to happen.  We need to show love to ourselves.  The words we say to ourselves need to come from a place of love and light always so that they may carry the highest vibrates so that we can move freely on our journey to healing ourselves and stepping into our light and shining at 100%.