1:1 Find your Essence Transformations.
These transformations are tailored to what you need?  Want to work on anxiety?  Completion of tasks? Patience? Self healing? Creative flow? 
Whatever it is, you name it!! I got you.  I use all my tools in my container to help you reach your goals, I am not saying we will be done in 6 or 12 sessions, but you will be further along! 
6 sessions = 633
12 sessions = 1200
  • I offer these because I want you to commit to yourself and invest in yourself so that you are pushing from your end and I am pushing from my end and together we create magic. 
  • I offer payment plans, so you can afford it, I tailor them to you, so no excuses, how can you afford to invest in yourself?
  • I use soul purpose mapping, Energy healing, art, and Theta healing techniques to create a container specifically for you to reach your goals. 
  • 4 more spots left.  Distance or In-Person.
  • email me at artfullyintuitive888@gmail.com with questions, or book a consultation call. 
If you want to try a session with me and see if we jive book below and use code 20OFF for 20 dollars off! 

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